Jun 26th
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Adult Psychiatry

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Although I am a forensic and addiction psychiatrist, first and foremost, I am a General Adult psychiatrist.   General Adult Psychiatry is the basic discipline for all psychiatry.  I pride myself and my practice in having and advancing a firm understanding of these foundational principles and practices.   My general adult psychiatric practice is generally composed of high functioning individuals, struggling with and seeking answers to a host of difficulties.  I see patients for both assessment and treatment for a number of psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, Attention-deficit disorder and substance abuse.   I also strongly believe that successful psychiatric treatment often entails cultivating a form of partnership; the patient/client and I are considered a team who work together to achieve therapeutic goals including the patient/client attaining serenity and sustained well being.


Do you have a question? Please read our frequently asked questions and answers.

What kinds of patients do you see?

In my psychiatric practice, I see a host of patents who have depression, anxiety, Attention- Deficit disorder as well as other psychiatric disorders.  Many of my patients also have or struggle with issues relating to chemical dependency.   The vast majority of my patients are high accountability professionals who enjoy and expect a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.


Do a majority of your patients fall into any particular group?

Yes, by in large, my patients fall into two groups:  High accountability professionals and the adult children of high accountability professionals.   Working with impaired professionals is an area of interest and expertise.



Do you offer medication management?

Medication management is not a service I offer.   I like to be involved in all aspects of my patient's mental health treatment and do not feel comfortable with split treatment.   Also, I do not just see patients for medication checks as it is my opinion that medication is often a useful, but not sole approach to effectively manage an individual's difficulties.