Jun 26th
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Life Coaching

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Sometimes, we find ourselves in transition and burdened with an accompanying sense of uncertainty and worry.   Careers and relationships could be stable and even satisfying, yet there may still be a nagging and underlying sense of emptiness, unhappiness and/or lack of momentum.   Life coaching is a form of partnership and structured guidance.   I serve as a facilitator in life coaching sessions and enjoy this role because this collaborative approach can often and ultimately lead to empowerment and self-actualization.


Do you have a question? Please read our frequently asked questions and answers.

How is Life coaching different from psychotherapy?

Especially in light of my background and training, I find there are generally more similarities than differences between these two services.   Both draw on a collaboration which is central to a good outcome.   Psychotherapy is often predicated on the presence of a mental condition; however a client/patient may engage my services as a life coach with no acute psychiatric illness.   Both life coaching and psychotherapy allow for personal discovery and can help provide answers and insight which hopefully lead to a greater sense of fulfillment.  Life coaching is typically focused on the future and is an approach designed to help an individual conceptualize and achieve certain goals.



What kind of setting is life coaching conducted in?

The kind of life coaching I offer and envision occurs on an individual basis and is offered in my downtown Chicago/Loop office.  It has been my experience that life coaching works best with a client/patient who has ideas about changes he or she would like to make in their lives.