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Jul 18th
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Office hours are by appointment.  We believe strongly in the value of your time and will strive to adhere to the scheduled appointment times.  We request 24 hours notice if you find it necessary to cancel your appointment.  WE CHARGE FOR APPOINTMENTS MISSED, CANCELED, OR BROKEN WITHOUT 24 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE.  Two consecutive missed appointments could result in being discharged from care.

CONFIDENTIALITY AND PRIVACY (See Privacy Statement in office waiting area)
Patient confidentiality will be respected and communication is protected by appropriate and applicable Federal and State Laws.  There are, however, situations in which confidentiality may be compromised and my professional and legal duty to protect may override the dictates of confidentiality.  Briefly, these situations may include a strong indication of imminent danger to self or others or indication of abuse or neglect of another.  Please discuss your concerns about the limits of confidentiality with me and read the HIPPA privacy statements provided in the waiting area.  

Following the execution of a valid Patient Authorization Form (Release of Information), patient records, or a treatment summary will be forwarded to a licensed professional and/or authorized party.  Requests to obtain a personal copy of your medical chart and requests to release records to any other entity (including attorneys) will be reviewed on an individual basis.  This service is billed at the actual cost of supplying the records, and includes cost of copying, mailing, and professional time.  Any request for release of records must allow at least two weeks preparation time. 

Our telephones are answered from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  If you need to speak with Dr. Henry between appointments, there may be a charge for the call.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  If you have an emergency and find it necessary to contact Dr. Henry after hours, his voice mail will forward emergent messages to him.  However, if by chance your telephone call is not returned within five minutes, please proceed to your nearest emergency room. 

Medication refills will only be handled during scheduled appointments, and only if you are CURRENTLY under Dr. Henry's care.

Dr. Henry does not accept insurance payments.  For your convenience we accept money orders, bank checks, and personal checks.  If your check is returned from your financial institution, we will no longer be able to accept them.  You will be subject to a $25 service charge and in the future will be required to pay by other means.