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Jul 18th
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Litigation and Corporate Consultant

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Having now practiced forensic, addiction and general psychiatry for a number of years, I have had the opportunity to observe, interpret, assess and treat a host of psychiatric conditions and patterns of human behavior. My unique vantage points, in the courtroom, in the workplace, as well as other settings, in combination with my clinical training, experience and ability to listen and observe, have allowed me to gain a host of insights and perspectives.

I have had the opportunity to serve as treater, assessor, consultant and objective set of eyes and ears in a number of different settings. My clinical skills and experiences have allowed organizations and litigation teams to be better aligned and positioned to assess their strengths and weaknesses in effort to more consistently meet and exceed their short and long-term goals.


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What are some examples of organizations that have retained your services?

Although the preservation of confidentiality is always paramount, I can say that civil and criminal litigation teams, medical practices, academic and educational institutions and corporations have retained my consultative services.


What are some examples of circumstances in, and/or referral issues at the workplace in which you have been asked to consult

Although cultures and working environments differ, certain forms of problematic behaviors are all too common. Some of the referral issues I have encountered include disruptive workers, dysfunctional and unhealthy interactions among and between co-workers, sexual misconduct and various forms of harassment and discrimination.



What are some examples of litigation-related circumstances, in which you have been asked to consult?

As we are all aware, litigation is frequently considered and undertaken. I have been retained as a consultant in both civil and criminal matters at various stages of the litigation process and for a number of different purposes. These include serving as an expert witness, opining on the potential merits and pitfalls of a case, assisting in the preparation of questioning at deposition and trial and assisting in identifying, raising and executing critical questions and trial strategy.